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March 30 - April 3 Weekly Update

posted Mar 28, 2020, 3:57 PM by Barry Oliver
Dear St. Monica Community,

School Closure:
In terms of the school closure, we know that Premier Ford did announce that schools would be closed beyond April 6th.  At this time, the Ministry has yet to announce anything further to this, however we should hear early this week about specifics. Once again Public Health data is informing this decision. 

Distant Learning:
The Ontario Government is adding to their Learning Portal.  The OCSB website will also look different in the coming week.  Resources from the Ministry and also from our Board will be located on our sites.  Navigation of this will be very user friendly. We will also be getting updates in the coming week(s) about Phase 2 of the distance learning plan.

Teacher outreach:
During the second week of school closure, our focus will be to see what barriers exist when it comes to the distance learning with our students. When our teachers connect with students / parents this week, we will be asking about this.  We will collect this data, and come up with plans to address the concerns.  Once again there will be minimal expectations put on our students, and no assessments will occur. The focus our our teachers is to support the learning of our students.  Once again they will be reaching out to you this week. 
Director Communication:
A memo form our Director will be sent out on Monday, March 30, 2020 via school messenger to the OCSB community.

Access to School:
In terms of access to our schools.  We are still under a State of Emergency, and we do not have access to our schools.  Once again, should this change in the future, we will take direction from OPH on protocol and procedures to access our schools during this time.

School year Calendar:
At this time there are no plans to extend the school year into summer.

Events Planned for April:
In terms of cancelling events that were planned for April.  We have been asked to cancel any gatherings for the month of April.  It is unfortunate that we will have to
cancel our Dance-a-thon.  At this time I do not know if this could, or can be rescheduled.

My thoughts and prayers are with our community.  My message to everyone is to follow the guidelines that OPH has given us, support each other, be positive and we will get through this.
I will post our April newsletter on our website, which will hopefully contain more information for our community.

Take care everyone,

Mr. Oliver
St. Monica Catholic School