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Easter Blessings St. Monica Community

posted Apr 9, 2020, 10:30 AM by Barry Oliver
As we are about to begin Easter Weekend I wanted to share two things with our community. One is written by Father Frank, and the other is written by our Director, Denise Andre. Father Frank's message to our community is written in the April 5, 2020  St. Monica Parish Bulletin.  Director Andre's message is written in the memorandum,  "Easter Blessings" which was recently shared with the OCSB Community.
In his last paragraph, Father Frank writes this, "Our faith is about making the best possible choices even in very difficult and limited situations. Sometimes this means just resting and pacing yourself.  But at all times, it is about seeking the good, focusing on the possible and living in the hope of Christ Jesus".  My hope is that we can take Father Frank's advice to rest, and pace yourself, and to focus on the possible, and that is to bring this crisis to a quick end.
Let us take Director Andre's advice when she says this, "take the time to reflect on our cherished traditions.  In our group video chat as a family this weekend, our first go around question will be, "What is your favourite Easter memory from your childhood?"  I can not wait for this, to see if my twin brother has the same favourite memory.  I hope he does not read this to spoil it, but it was an Easter Egg hunt with our cousins in California.  

Blessings to all of you,

Mr. Oliver